When one thinks of Paris, in particularly of the image on postcards that come from the city, one inevitably pictures the 9th district. Better known as Opera, the 9th district offers a large number of shops to explore. It is one of the most popular spots for tourists, so much so that on Saturday afternoons it is difficult to walk around due to the crowds.

Opera showcases some of the most beautiful Parisan sites including the Musée Grévin, which has a large number of wax statues. Many of the wax statutes are of celebrities and sports stars such as singer Katy Perry, footballers Lionel Messi and Christiano Ronaldo, and religious and political figures Pope Francis and Barack Obama.

You can also visit the Museum of Romantic Life. Despite being a little kitsch, it is representative of a bygone era of Greater Paris.The Gustave Moreau Museum is dedicated to the artist's works. People passionate about classical painting will find it incredibly enjoyable.The magnificent Opera Garnier is a culmination point for culture buffs. It will delight the eyes with its breathtaking scenery and the beauty of the shows it offers.

If the weather is pleasant, the Alex Biscarre square is a great place to visit. With its 19th century architecture, this small typical Parisian park will please you for sure.You can also take the opportunity to stroll along the large boulevards which date from the same period. You will see beautiful facades and gorgeous buildings. The church of Madeleine will charm you with its atypical and unique architecture.If you are a fine observer, when you pass through the Capuchins’ passage, you will notice the plaque commemorating the first cinematographic projection made by the Lumière brothers.If, on the other hand, the weather is not very good, you can enjoy the covered walkway of the Boulevard des Italiens which is one of the few vestiges of the great era of the Parisian walkways.The covered passages were private, but allowed the public to use them.

Traboules Lyonnaises is a great area where you could find shops and quaint homes.The passage is probably one of the most beautiful that can be found in Paris along with the Jouffroy Passage and the Passage des Panoramas.At the end of it, do not stop and continue on until you see the Grand Rex. This monument of art deco is a popular destination for art lovers.A few strides further, is the triumphal arch which appears in front of you. Take a few moments to contemplate and view the arch before moving on.

Now, let yourself be carried by the crowds and go through the alleys of the Drouot market. Even if you don’t buy anything, you will have the opportunity to discover some of the most beautiful works of art in Paris. All of which are on sale.

To finish your walk, go to the Notre Dame de Lorette parish which is probably one of the best preserved relics of the early 19th century. Not far from there, you can admire Saint Georges’ magnificent mansions. These are among the few hotels of the time to have resisted the Paris Commune. So, enjoy being able to look at them today.

If this little walk in the 9th district has whet your appetite, you can go eat at Piu Piu, one of the best establishments in the area where you will find Italian specialties (Milanese more precisely). If you prefer a gourmet restaurant, opt for the 23 Clauzel, which offers a refined menu.