London is one of the top tourist destinations in the world. Due to its status as a top city to visit, London has long been seen as a fashion mecca. The English capital has a number of shopping areas and the variety fashionistas can find is off the charts.

Few destinations in the world can offer the shopping and experience London can. In 2016, 19 million tourists traveled to London. Many of those visitors spent money at London's renowned clothing and department stores. Just as many local Londoners shopped at the city's top stores in the same year.

With so many stores, malls, and venues to choose from, where should visitors go for the best shopping on a tour of London?

Best shops on Oxford Street

Located in Westminster, Oxford Street is one of the capital's busiest streets. Oxford Street is located in the West End and around half a million people frequent its shops each day. The area is considered the heart and soul of London's shopping. Visitors will be able to find around 300 shops on Oxford Street selling shoes, clothes, and homewares.

Some of the street's most popular destinations are Selfridges and Debenhams. The two department stores have been leaders in the British retail market for centuries. There are also trendy stores with the latest fads in clothing such as Top Shop along with famed low-cost store Primark. The weekends are the busiest time on Oxford Street, so visitors looking to shop in peace should come during the week.


Knightsbridge is the home of Harrods, one of London's most legendary department stores. Situated in the center of London, Knightsbridge is a perfect place to visit after a trip to Oxford Street.

Harrods is the marquee place to shop, or at least look around, due to its fame. According to several travel websites, Harrods receives around 15 million visitors each year. Its range of luxury and designer brands gives tourists a perfect reason to spend a little extra on a trip to London.

While visitors tend to seek out Harrods, Londoners are more likely to visit Harvey Nichols. It offers many of the same brands as Harrods but it is far easier to get around without so many tourists roaming the aisles.

Regent Street and Jermyn Street

Regent Street and Jermyn Street have some of the most classic looking English buildings lining them. Visitors will feel like they walked onto a movie set. While Knightsbridge offers luxury department store shopping, Regent Street and Jermyn Street are known for mid-priced stores.

One of the most famous stores in the area isn't a clothing store, rather it is Hamley's toy store. The store located on Regent Street has sat in the same spot since 1881. So, not only can visitors explore the toyshop but they can take in a piece of London's history. Jermyn Street has long been a destination for male shoppers. Benson and Clegg is one of the most famous men's stores on Jermyn Street with its handcrafted tailored shirts.

Bond Street

Bond Street's shopping is so good, 007 himself would approve of it. The area is home to a number of designer shops and luxury stores. Europe's upper-crust head to Bond Street when visiting the capital due to the eclectic array of luxury brands.

Tiffany and Co. and Cartier can be found on Bond Street. Visitors can also find famed auction house Sotheby's while exploring the area. Visitors can find London's famous Browns department store just off Bond Street. The iconic store is located on South Molton Street and attracts celebrities, athletes, and the rich and famous daily.

King's Road

King's Road offers cool little boutiques boasting trendy fashions. Visitors will notice a number of indie stores side by side with major clothing brands. When taking a break from shopping, King's Road's mix of cafes and restaurants are great places to stop off. The area can be quite expensive due to its location in Chelsea. Visitors may find great looking fashion and vintage apparel, but it may not come cheap.

London is a destination for shopping. Visitors can find nearly anything at the city's eclectic shops. From luxury goods at high prices to more budget concise items, London has everything a shopper could want and more.