The United Kingdom is made up of four fantastic countries. England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland make up the U.K., and each provides travellers with a wealth of options when visiting. Each country has something special to offer from historical landmarks to thriving city centres.
The U.K. has some can’t miss cities that all travellers should experience. These cities are the perfect place to go for a city break or an extended holiday.

Best cities in England


No trip to the U.K. is complete without visiting London. The English capital is home to some of the most famous landmarks in the world. Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, and the Tour of London are just three top tourist destinations. In addition, nearly all major museums and art galleries are free to enter. London is also perfect for nightlife, food, drink, and shopping.


The U.K.’s third largest cities was once a manufacturing giant. Today, it is a sports capital and city on the rise thanks to new investment. Manchester is a breath is fresh air that provides far more room to relax than London. Yet, it keeps its big city feel. Travellers can reach the English countryside in no time and explore the nature walking trails and cycling paths.


Bath has been a travel destination for centuries. It was originally built by the Romans as a well-being destination. The town’s therapeutic waters are one of the biggest draws and travellers can experience the wonderful Roman Baths or Thermae Bath Spa. Just one and a half hours from London, travellers can experience peace and relaxation with a large touch of history.


The home of The Beatles, Liverpool is a must-see U.K. city for music lovers. There are a number of great Beatles attractions along with excellent shopping and dining options. Liverpool is also home to the National Museums Liverpool, Walker Art Gallery, and Mersey Maritime Museum. There is also a little football club known as Liverpool FC that make the city home.


York is a fantastic medieval city that rivals Edinburgh for its historic beauty. It is the home of the Church of England and the city features the largest medieval church in England. York has a three-mile medieval wall surrounding it that provides travellers with amazing views of the city. One of the can’t miss venues is the Jorvik Viking Centre as it details the lives of Vikings who lived in the area during the 9th century.


Travellers looking for a great night out should visit Brighton. Laying on the south coast, Brighton offers a very different atmosphere to other English cities. Brighton is full of cool, indie shops, cafes, and pubs that are a mile away from the chains found in other towns. Brighton Pier is a fun evening out during the warmer months while the lanes are brilliant to browse throughout the day. Brighton is a destination for stag and hen parties, so travellers looking for a party can find one when the sun sets.

Best places to visit in Scotland


Scotland’s capital is a beautiful medieval city like no other in the U.K. It is renowned for its culture and festivals held throughout the year. Edinburgh Castle looks down over the city providing one of the most majestic skylines in the U.K.


Once an industrial centre of grey buildings and factories, Glasgow is now a cultural city attracting over 3 million people a year. Art galleries, cathedrals, and museums are high on the list of must-see venues. Glasgow is also a great city for a night out with its restaurants, bars, and pubs.

Must see places in Ireland


The capital of Northern Ireland may not be the first U.K. destination one thinks of. Yet, it has overcome its past as a place of conflict. Titanic film lovers and history buffs can visit the Titanic Belfast. The museum tells the story of the ship and those who sailed on it. The Ulster Museum is an education on Northern Ireland’s past and the events that have shaped it.

Places to visit in Wales


Located in the south of Wales, Cardiff is a cosmopolitan city that provides travellers a base to reach the rural areas of the country. Medieval Caerphilly Castle and the Gothic Cardiff Castle are great attractions. But what truly makes Cardiff grand is the chance to take day trips to the national parks and rural land that cover most of Wales.