Edinburgh is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the United Kingdom, and each year, millions of people visit the Scottish capital. The city is home to two UNESCO World Heritage Sites (the Old Town and New Town). Meanwhile, its fantastic festivals, which take place year-round, attract people from various backgrounds.
In 2018, 3.2 million people visited Scotland and many of those travellers made their way to Edinburgh. There is a lot to see and do in the city, and travellers will have an experience like no other in Scotland.

Edinburgh sightseeing, what to see in Edinburgh

Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh Castle is Scotland’s most famous landmark. In 2018, it was reported that 1.7 million people visited the iconic castle that looks over the city. Visitors can tour the castle and see the Crown Jewels along with the Stone of Destiny. It is a memorable and highly educational tour that shouldn’t be missed. If there is one landmark to visit, Edinburgh Castle is it.

Palace of Holyroodhouse and Holyrood Abbey

The palace is the Edinburgh residence of the Queen of England. When she isn’t in town and staying at the palace, visitors are allowed inside to tour it. Scottish history has unfolded inside the palace as it has hosted royal weddings and coronations in centuries past. Tours offer a glimpse into the royal apartments and the fine furnishings in each room.

The Scott Monument

In 1840, construction began on one of Edinburgh’s most beloved landmarks, The Scott Monument. It was dedicated to literary figure Sir Walter Scott following his death. The 287-step monument offers views of Edinburgh and the nearby countryside. Travellers that dislike heights and steep terrain may want to stay on the ground; otherwise, it is a brilliant landmark worth climbing.

Arthur’s Seat

Holidaymakers looking for some greenspace and exercise can find it in Holyrood Park. The area is home to Arthur’s Seat, which stands at 820-feet. It provides stunning natural views of the park and the areas just beyond its borders. Visitors can run, walk, or cycle through the 640-acre park and burn off some energy, if they haven’t tired themselves out from sightseeing.

St. Giles’ Cathedral

St. Giles’ Cathedral is home an estimated 200 memorials to iconic Scotsman. The beautiful cathedral contains portions that were built in the 12th century. St. Giles’ is also home to the Chapel of the Order of the Thistle, a group of chivalrous knights. The Thistle Chapel contains fantastic oak carvings and heraldic emblems that really must be viewed.

Multrees Walk

Luxury fashion brands can be found along Multrees Walk. It is one of the top shopping areas in Edinburgh and can be found off St. Andrew Square. Mulberry, Armani, and Louis Vuitton are just three of the big-name shops that can be found there. There is also a Harvey Nicols department store with five floors of luxury goods.

Edinburgh Festival Fringe

The month of August is dedicated to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, the world’s largest arts festival. In 2018, the month-long party featured more than 55,000 performances. The event has been taking place every year since 1947. Fringe is a great place to see unknown performers before they make it big. In addition, many established stars perform during the event and reach new audiences. Fringe has been increased to 25 days and continues to wow audiences who travel to Edinburgh to be entertained.

Things to see and do in Edinburgh