Soho is located in London's West End and is one of the capital city's top destinations for entertainment. Soho has long been a place that travelers and local Londoners have gone for nights out or fun on the weekends.

At one time, Soho had gained a notorious reputation due to its seedy side. However, the area of London has improved over the years and is far more welcoming than it was 30 years ago. Nowadays, visitors to Soho will find an area that has been rejuvenated. Coffee shops, pubs and restaurants in the district are must visit and great destinations on a night out. The West End's great theaters and shows are another reason tourists head to the area today.

What can travelers find in Soho?


Chinatown's southern section runs into Soho. The London's Chinatown is a great place to find amazing, authentic Asian restaurants and shops. The architecture is one of the most unique in all of London, and travelers will forget they are actually in Europe and not the Far East. It is a cool place to go for Chinese New Year and offers a unique experience. Don't miss eating at Baozi Inn, a restaurant that combines a Chinese street food menu with Communist Revolution decorations. Hipster!

Berwick Street

Berwick Street is one of the most famous London thoroughfares that runs through Soho. Travelers may recognize the street from the artwork of Oasis' multi-platinum selling '(What's the Story) Morning Glory?' album. After walking Berwick Street tourists can find its historic market. Berwick Street Market has been attracting shoppers since the 1700s. The area around the market has been rejuvenated recently and new hotels and shop are under construction.

Harry Potter exhibit

Travelers that love the Harry Potter series or have kids that do, shouldn't miss the House of MinaLima. The little art gallery opened a Harry Potter exhibit in 2016 and fans flocked from all over to view it. The exhibit features artwork from the filmsets and other memorabilia from the franchise. MinaLima has other exhibits, so tourists can see artwork and photographs of other subjects, too.

Seven noses

Years ago, artist Rick Buckley designed and created large, lifelike human noses in his studio. Buckley then affixed them to buildings around Soho. The city has taken down many of the noses that Buckley put up; however, there are still seven affixed to buildings in Soho. It has become a popular tourist adventure to find all seven of the noses. Of course, using Google or a smartphone is cheating.

Soho's sexy past

Soho was infamous for its seedy past. At one time, the area was a no-go zone for travelers with kids or anyone looking for a day of sightseeing. Today, things have changed and Soho is far more sanitized than it once was. Tourists can still see some of the old adult book shops and stores around the area. There is nothing like snapping a selfie in front of one of the old book shops.

Traveling around Soho and London

Soho's location is perfect for travelers looking to explore further afield. Travelers can search Airbnb and immediately find a number of cool apartments and houses available to rent in Soho. These apartments situate travelers near four tube stations that can take them around London. Piccadilly Circus, Oxford Circus, Tottenham Road Court and Leicester Square are all located around Soho.

Piccadilly Circus is one of London's most popular tourist destinations. It is London's version of New York City's Time Square. It is a meeting point before embarking on a night out. Travelers can get on the tube from Piccadilly Circus and travel to other points from there. Tourists can take the Piccadilly line straight to Heathrow Airport or vice versa.

The Piccadilly Line will take travelers to Hyde Park. It is one of the largest parks in London and the most famous. Hyde Park is home to The Duke of Wellington Museum, Kensington Palace and Gardens, the Wellington Arch and more famous tourist attractions.

Visitors to London can also reach Buckingham Palace on the Piccadilly Line. Take the tube to Green Park and enjoy the wonders of the Royal family once on street level. It is simple to walk to Big Ben and Parliament from there.

Soho offers travelers the chance to stay in one of the most famous areas of London. It also provides tourists with great travel options to visit other areas of the English capital.

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