Notting Hill is located in West London with part of the district laying in Westminster. Its nearby location to Westminster makes sightseeing the great venues of Parliament, Big Ben and the London Eye easy to get to. In the 1980s, Notting Hill benefited from gentrification and the one-time rundown area became one of the hippest parts of the English capital.

The district is known for being multicultural and one of its most popular events each year is the Notting Hill Carnival. The street festival is a massive celebration of black culture and history in the United Kingdom. It attracts millions of onlookers each year.

The collection of influences from Notting Hill's past and present makes it one of the most eclectic areas of the capital. It has charm, charisma and character found in few other places in the U.K.

Soho is located in London's West End and is one of the capital city's top destinations for entertainment. Soho has long been a place that travelers and local Londoners have gone for nights out or fun on the weekends.

At one time, Soho had gained a notorious reputation due to its seedy side. However, the area of London has improved over the years and is far more welcoming than it was 30 years ago. Nowadays, visitors to Soho will find an area that has been rejuvenated. Coffee shops, pubs and restaurants in the district are must visit and great destinations on a night out. The West End's great theaters and shows are another reason tourists head to the area today.