was created in 1996 and in terms of online travel websites, it is one of the oldest on the Internet. The company was founded in the Netherlands and after nearly a decade in business, it was acquired by Priceline, which is another major travel booking website. Although the two have some similarities, provides enough differences for customers.

What is is a simple travel website. It partners with thousands of hotels from around the world and lists the properties on the website. There are over half a million hotels partnered with, which gives customers plenty of selection when searching for accommodation.

The website is far more than just accommodation and users can book a number of useful travel items. Travelers can book: hotel accommodations, business apartments, flights, trains, buses, rental cars, airport taxis, and restaurants. Due to the number of items holidaymakers can book through, it is a one-stop vacation shop. The website makes it very simple to get everything that is needed for a holiday in one place.

Due to being a part of the Priceline Group, users will find many of the same offers and hotels as on does have a dedicated business travel search. The website prompts users to select the type of travel they are doing and will suggest hotels that cater to business travelers. Anyone who is going on a business trip will love the chance to book everything they need through Whether it is a table at a restaurant or a car to drive to meetings, has it available for users.

Why should travelers use

Although is owned by the Priceline Group, the website does provide different search results. shows locally owned hotels in the search lists. It won't just show the major hotel brands, but it will show the lesser known venues as well. This gives travelers more option when booking.

Travelers can use to research flights and find the best time, airline and price that fits into a schedule or budget. After searching for a flight and being able to compare them, users are redirected to the airline's website to book it. The website does not book flights for customers but acts as a middle man that connects customers and airlines.

One of the best reasons to use is the amount of choice it provides. Travelers in Europe can book buses and trains to journey across the continent. This aspect makes it perfect for anyone wanting to backpack across Europe. By using to reserve a bus or train, travelers eliminate the risk of missing out on travel. Waiting until the day of travel to book the journey allows the bus or train to be completely reserved.

Is worth using? is perfect for travelers who are looking to compare their options. It isn't just accommodation that gets compared as travelers can research rental cars, restaurants, buses, trains and more. There is also the business travel dedicated portion of the website.

Unlike other travel comparison websites, however, tourists aren't going to find exclusive cheap deals. The website is quick and easy to use, so travelers will have no difficulty getting the travel item they seek.

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