Kayak is one of the Internet's most popular flight search engines. The website sifts through information from airlines around the globe and compares them for travelers. Kayak provides users the chance to search for flights quickly and easily. In just a few seconds, users can find information on flights and select the one that best suits their budget and schedule.

What is Kayak?

The website merely searches for and compares flights. Therefore, users cannot book their journey through Kayak. The website will redirect travelers to the airline or company selling the flights where they can be booked.

Kayak uses ITA Matrix software. It searches for airline company metadata and it will find the best flight combinations and prices for customers. In a matter of seconds, Kayak turns up results and users can see a list of flights and prices. Kayak has been praised for being transparent when it comes to flights and giving customers full details of prices. Unlike other similar comparison websites that show a price that may not be the same as the final price on an airline's website, Kayak gives users the final price before leaving the online portal.

Advantages of using Kayak

Besides the chance to compare prices and to get transparency other websites don't offer users, Kayak is great as it sends users travel notifications. If a user doesn't want to book a flight today, they can sign up for notifications. The website will send out notifications via email, browser or on the Kayak app that informs travelers of any price increase, decrease or seat availability.

The website is fast and searches can be completed in seconds. This gives travelers the chance to get a low fare and book it quickly. There is also a price trend predictor that will inform website users of whether the air fare price is set to increase or decrease.

Kayak is one of the most popular Internet flight search engines for a reason. Fast, reliable and able to compare thousands of flights all at the click of a button.