Rideways is a full-service company that specializes in transporting travelers from the airport to their destination. Travelers may not want to deal with the uncertainty of local taxis or airport transport, and Rideways offers them the chance to feel more comfortable with moving from point A to point B.

The airport transport service works with professional drivers to organize transfers. Customers will find it to be an efficient way to get from the airport to their destination.

Kayak is one of the Internet's most popular flight search engines. The website sifts through information from airlines around the globe and compares them for travelers. Kayak provides users the chance to search for flights quickly and easily. In just a few seconds, users can find information on flights and select the one that best suits their budget and schedule.

What does Trivago stand for

Trivago is a hotel search engine first created to serve the German travel market. Trivago was founded in 2005 and less than a decade later it had become one of the fastest growing companies in Germany.

The company provides travelers with the chance to search for hotels and accommodation and to compare them. Trivago takes information from all major travel and hotel websites and lists it for users. Potential travelers can then research and compare the prices for thousands of properties to get the best deal available.

Booking.com was created in 1996 and in terms of online travel websites, it is one of the oldest on the Internet. The company was founded in the Netherlands and after nearly a decade in business, it was acquired by Priceline, which is another major travel booking website. Although the two have some similarities, Booking.com provides enough differences for customers.

Notting Hill is located in West London with part of the district laying in Westminster. Its nearby location to Westminster makes sightseeing the great venues of Parliament, Big Ben and the London Eye easy to get to. In the 1980s, Notting Hill benefited from gentrification and the one-time rundown area became one of the hippest parts of the English capital.

The district is known for being multicultural and one of its most popular events each year is the Notting Hill Carnival. The street festival is a massive celebration of black culture and history in the United Kingdom. It attracts millions of onlookers each year.

The collection of influences from Notting Hill's past and present makes it one of the most eclectic areas of the capital. It has charm, charisma and character found in few other places in the U.K.